Nependis – An ape, a pig or maybe both?

Here is another one of those mythological beasts that is designed to terrorise your nightmares. There is not a lot of information regarding this mythological beast but I think it’s worth a mention, it definitely has the potential to maybe become the new King Kong. This will be a short blog entry but I will cover:

  • What is a Nependis
  • Known characteristics
  • Location of a Nependis
  • Modern day mentions

So let’s dive right into the article

Nependis stuff of nightmares, image from warriors of myth

What is a Nependis

The Nependis has the top half of an Ape, like a Gorilla, think King Kong but has the lower body of a swine and large tusks protruding from its mouth. See what I mean with the next King Kong, it could be King Nependis but that’s just my opinion.

Known Characteristics

Apart from the normal physical characteristics of Ape/boar/tusks this part deals more with the known temperamental attributes. According to legend the Nependis inherited the worst part of each of the creatures that forms its being. It has the strength and violent nature of the ape and the territorial and aggression of the boar. Not something you want to stumble upon while strolling about I can assure you. It is also reported that the Nependis hated the faye folk but they never really elaborate on that. I’m thinking they might just hate everyone in their immediate vicinity.

Another view of the Nependis, Half ape and half boar, see more here


It only stated Europe but it is found in the Heraldic symbols of England and France so I would say that area. It would be found in forested areas, which makes sense because mostly you would find Apes and Boars in such settings.

Modern day mentions

The Nependis is not a very popularised mythological creature so there is not a lot of mentions about it, but you can find it making an appearance in the Urban Fantasy book Becoming: A Tristan Trudaux Series. I also saw this T-shirt on cafepress.

That’s it for the Nependis, not a very long post as I said but I do hope you found it informative

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