My Travel Blog is here!

Well Hello world, again.

This is just a short introduction to my new blog the Curious Explorer. Writing, travel and animals has always been great loves of mine and I realised I can combine them in this blog. Share my experiences and my travels with the world to create curiosity about the great big world out there and awareness of what may be just around your doorstep or off in a far away land.

As a travel agent I found what most people wanted to have advice on was

  1. Is the hotel, destination, services used worth the money and time to spend on it. In other words validation of their decisions. No one wants to spend money to go somewhere just to find out the brochure was full of lies and the place was a crime ridden dump. A bit harsh, I know but I like going into extremes. People like to hear from other people that has been there and done that. What better way to do it then blog about it.
  2. New places, sometimes people just want to know what there is available close by for them to do, other times they would like to travel to a destination that not everyone has been to. People are explorers, some more so than others, but just like our ancestors that wanted to board a ship and voyage into the unknown to discover new continents and  worlds, so too do we have that need to explore and discover. We all have it to some degree, for a few it is exotic lands the unbeaten path for most just a new resort or activity in your own backyard. Our spirits gets bored of the mundane and then we get that need for something new.

Exploration does not only mean travel to some destination, I will be sharing experiences in markets, festivals, day trips, adventures anything that is exploring the world, see new things and meet new people. Because in my opinion that is what life is all about. To wonder and discover and share, and yes I will share my food too. I am no foodie, I’m actually a very fussy eater but deserts! I will be eating and sharing those, you can take that to the bank.

I will also highlight places that is pet friendly because my dog is my BFF and there is really not enough places for you to take your pets with. He is an awesome travel companion and very photogenic, don’t you think.

Just a quick other point, as I have mentioned am a travel agent. so I have many friends in the travel industry. I will ask them to write posts as well so you can have a different and unique perspective on their travels and tips for travel.


Let the explorations and adventures begin! whether it be bush and wildlife, cities and architecture, people and events, hiking and adrenaline, towns and history, ruins and legends… well you get the point. It is all out there waiting for us to experience and I can’t wait.

I sincerely hope my blogs will be entertaining and insightful and as always feedback is appreciated, and if you like it – share it!

Cheetahs at Zebula

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