Well here goes, my first blog post!

Greetings fellow Interwebbers. As much as I would like to start my first blog with hello world, I feel it is just slightly overused by now, so I felt something somewhat different would suffice.

This is my first blog post for this website and I hope, no I know there will be many more to come. It is my secret desire that people will enjoy reading my stories and my blogs. I will publish excerpts from current stories I am busy with, extra content I feel like sharing that pertain to my writings and covering of myths and legends I find interesting, oh and a dash here and there of my personal opinions and experiences.

Yes so that is that for my first post. Just a quick information section telling you what you may expect from this blog. As for the rest of the website. I hope to make it both informative and pleasurable to browse through. With extra character, location or other information regarding my books, some other short stories to enjoy, various platforms to connect with me and later on as the site grows, quizzes and competitions or promotions.

I will also announce book launches and future launch dates for books I am almost finished writing.

So browse and read through everything, subscribe and connect with me I would love to hear from you

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