Top10 list of Greek gods you didn’t know existed

More Greek gods you say

We all know the main players in Greek mythology. the Greek gods such as Zeus with his thunderbolts ruler of the earth and sky, Poseidon with his Triton ruler of the sea and Hades with his helmet of invisibility ruler of all things under the earth including the dead reined supreme. Lets not forget all the other favourite gods in between like Bacchus and Apollo, Hermes and Cupid, I can go on and on. Greek mythology and mythology in general is much more complex then that though. There are many smaller deities that was responsible for everyday activities like farming and marriage. To me it is almost like a company, you get the top brass that is in charge overall, like Zeus, then the heads of departments like Demeter who is in charge of seasons, fertility and farming then you get the managers who is in charge of each department making sure it functioned like it should, like Priapus god of gardens and fertility. Team leaders would be the priests and then you get the staff, that would be the poor humans that actually had to work the lands and produce the goods hoping the deities would smile upon them.

So this article I will include a quick summary of the 10 lower ranking gods that you might not have known about, I will do a separate article on goddesses. only gods for now.

Here is your list, recognise any of these:

  1. Alastor
  2. Asclepius
  3. Caerus
  4. Erebus
  5. Zelus
  6. Pontus
  7. Priapus
  8. Plutus
  9. Momus
  10. Hymenaios

1. Alastor

Alastor was the god of vengeance especially where familial bloodshed occurred and of family feuds. Some believe he is a part or characteristic of Zeus but others think he is an entity all on his own. He kind of lost popularity but regained it in Christian belief as a demon.

There is not a lot of information about him but if you want to research you can start here


2. Asclepius

I have to admit some may have heard of this god, he was the god of medicine and health.  Son of Apollo and Coronis. Coronis died during childbirth and Apollo saved Asclepius by cutting him out of her womb. He placed Asclepius in the protection of Chiron the Centaur who in turn taught him about healing and medicine. Asclepius also received special knowledge from a snake regarding the secrets of healing and it was said he became so good at it that he could return people from the dead. Zeus struck Asclepius down with a thunderbolt to keep the balance. Apollo retaliated and Zeus to keep the peace made him a god. He also has the Ophiuchus constellation. The rod of Asclepius is still associated with medicine today.

You can read more about Asclepius here

a statue of Asclepius

3. Caerus

Also known as Kairos was the god of luck, opportunity and favourable moments. He is also associated with fleeting time, or fleeting moments

A sculpture depicting Kairos

4. Erebus

Greek god of Darkness. He was a primordial deity, meaning he was not related to the gods of Olympus and actually was older then them. He was born of Chaos and was the lover of his sister Nyx goddess of the night. It is said his dark mist envelopes all the dark corners and places of the world. He is also associated with the darkness that recently dead humans had to travel through to get to Hades and later the whole area was known as Erebus.

More information one one of the intriguing gods in my opinion, you can get it here

5.  Zelus

God of zealousness, rivalry and jealousy. He is one of the winged champions that guards Zeus’s throne on mount Olympus.  Also seen as one of the gods worshipped at the Olympic games and is associated with competition and rivalry on the sports grounds. He is also associated with hard work hence zealousness and jealousy of lovers.

Zelus picture found here

6 . Pontus

Another primordial being, Pontus is the god of the deepest parts of the sea, he was in existence even before Poseidon was the ruler of the sea. Pontus was the son of Gaia


7. Priapus

God of fertility, protector of livestock,gardening, masculinity and male genitalia. Yup he is depicted as always ready for action and a bit over sized in that department. Although according to some legends he is by cursed by Hera to be born ugly and impotent, other legends he is not.

More information on this Greek god here

8. Plutus

Plutus is the god of wealth, born from a union between Demeter and the hero lasion in a thrice-ploughed field.   He was also known as the divine child. Zeus blinded Plutus so that he would not be prejudice in dividing his wealth, he was also lame. Taking his time to arrive and winged, to retreat quickly.

Fitting that Plutus should be on a 100 Greek Drachma

9. Momus

God of Satire, poets and writers, he was also known as an evil spirited critique and his name actually means “Blame”. He is depicted as lifting a mask from his face.

Momus with his mask and Puppet

10. Hymenaios

God of Weddings and the wedding hymn sung by the bride’s train as she is escorted to the house of the groom. Depicted as a winged that child carries the bridal torch. Being a god of song he is said to be the son of Apollo and one of the muses.

More information in this Greek god

Ancient Greek wedding, more information here


Well that is my list of relatively unknown gods, there are more of course. Maybe I will cover them later but I hope you broadened your knowledge pool a little.

Thank you for reading and please share and subscribe or comment!


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