Top 10 Greek Goddesses you’ve never heard of

Top 10 Greek Goddesses you’ve never heard about


My previous blog post was about the top 10 list of Greek Gods you never knew existed, so I thought it is only fair to give the ladies a turn as well. Everyone that knows anything about Greek Mythology knows the main diva’s on Mount Olympus. Hera the wife of Zeus and evil stepmother figure, Athena Goddess of wisdom and war, Aphrodite the beautiful Goddess of love and many more goddesses. But what about the minor Goddesses that were not so popular in ancient and modern media. I am going to look at the top 10 I like. There are many more but that list may end up a tad long, so I narrowed it down, I hope you enjoy. Herewith the top 10 Greek goddesses you’ve never heard of.

  1. Antheia


Antheia is a popular name in some places and I bet you didn’t know it was actually the name of a Greek goddess, right! Not only was she the Greek goddess of flowers, blossoms, flower wreaths and human love she was also one of the three Graces of Mount Olympus.The island of Crete was where her main centre of worship was and her symbol is golden objects.  In Greek her name actually means Blossom.

For more information on this lovely goddess you can go here

2. Cybele


Cybele is also pronounces Kybele. She was known as the Mountain goddess, an ancient goddess and sort of Phrygian mother of gods. Phrygian as in the Kingdom that was in the region of Anatolia not the music note. Cybele was mostly worshipped with orgiastic rites (you read right) in the Centralist and western Anatolian mountains. She is equated with the Goddess Rhea, Demeter and Gaia.

She is seen in carriage drawn by lions accompanied my wild music, wine and a disorderly ecstatic following. Her statue really doesn’t look it though, quite the opposite actually, maybe it was commissioned the morning after.

For more information on this dark horse goddess you can go here

3. Eos


Here is another of those goddesses that knows how to have fun. Eos was the Titon daughter of Hyperion and Theia. Goddess of the dawn Eos was married to Astreaus god of Dusk. Together they represented everything between those times like Twilight, the morning star etc.

Rumour also had it that she was the consort of the god Ares, of course this caused Aphrodite to become jealous and curse Eos with an insatiable sexual urge, very dramatic. As a result Eos kidnapped many young men including Orion to… well you know what. She had various children with her husband and other by these kidnapped young men.

If you want to find out more about Eos you can read more here

4. Harmonia

THE GODDESS HARMONIA. This was from the Disney show Hercules

Harmonia was the goddess of… you guessed right – Harmony. She represented the opposite spectrum of the god of strife, Eris, you see its all about balance. She was the daughter of Aphrodite and Ares and probably the calming force in that household, I mean life between the goddess of love and the god of war. Harmonia was married to a mortal man named Cadmus. Aah you think he was lucky but at the end he was not. Harmonia was also known for her cursed necklace, Cadmus presented to her on their wedding day. You see, he made an obvious mistake. Hephaestus made the necklace, still angry about the affair between Aphrodite and Ares, so he cursed the necklace to bring ill fortune to all who possessed it. The lesson here, don’t take gifts made by the husband of your soon to be mother in-law if you are marrying the daughter she had with her lover.

To learn more about Harmonia and her cursed necklace you can go here

5. Hemera


Hemera was a primordial goddess, that means she existed before the gods and goddesses of Olympus. She represented the day time, other than that there is not much information about her. It is said though that she left Tartarus as her mother Nyx entered then entered again as Nyx left. Working day night shifts can be murder on a family but if they didn’t do it we wouldn’t have day and night, so appreciate it and stop complaining about the day flying past.

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6. Hestia

SYMBOL OF THE GODDESS HESTIA – It even looks like a hearth

She was a virgin goddess of the hearth, architecture and the right ordering of domesticity, family, the home and the state. you see she was too busy to be doing anything else. Her Roman counterpart would be Vesta. The Hearth was her sanctuary, she probably just fell asleep there after a hard day of running everything while grumbling about Cybele and Eos enjoying themselves.

For more information click here

7. Mania


Here is another interesting albeit scary goddess. Mania is the goddess of insanity, the dead, the underworld and the manes. Yip definitely staying clear of her. It is no coincidence that most disorders end with her name. I kind of feel sympathy for Hades for having her around, that’s probably why he always looks so stressed on all his statues. Fascinating from a distance.

Well if you want to know more, maybe a Halloween costume idea, you know the drill

8. Nemesis

THE GODDESS NEMESIS -Karma move over

Again just as the name suggests, Nemesis was the goddess of retribution, indignation against evil deeds and vengefulness. She was the personification of the resentment aroused in men by those who committed crimes with apparent impunity, or who had inordinate good fortune. Just lovely. So if Karma is not working for you, Nemesis may, especially if someone got away with whatever act they committed against you (hey I know someone like that), or if they are just lucky enough to have good fortune.

She made sure there was balance, between good fortune and tragedy so at least there is that. She may only destroy you halfway.

Please read more about Nemesis here

9. Nyx


As stated earlier Nyx was the  mother of Hemera and has the night shift, or otherwise known as the goddess of the night, that almost sounds like a song title. Nyx is also a primordial deity, she was apparently such a stunningly beautiful and powerful goddess that she was feared by even Zeus himself. Again if I could only write songs.

Nyx was born of Chaos and was the mother of Hemera, Erobus and Aethir. Nyx has a temple in Megara but otherwise does not feature a lot in cult and religion. Her Roman counterpart would be Nox, sound familiar? Of course, the word for dark in the magical world of Harry Potter.

If you want to find out what is written about Nyx you can start here

10. Tyche


If there was one goddess you had to befriend ( not that all of them would be rather beneficial) it would be Tyche. Tyche was a goddess that governed over fortune and prosperity. Her name can literally be translated to the word Luck. Her image was found on ancient coins. See with Tyche or luck on your side and just stay off of Nemesis’ radar life could have been good.

More information on Tyche can be found here


Well that brings us to the end of my top 10 goddesses that aren’t mainstream. I hope you enjoyed the article and learned something new, that is kind of the point of this post – to be entertaining and insightful. Please leave a comment I would love to hear from you. you can also share my post, I will be ever grateful.

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