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Nependis – An ape, a pig or maybe both?

Here is another one of those mythological beasts that is designed to terrorise your nightmares. There is not a lot of information regarding this mythological beast but I think it’s worth a mention, it definitely has the potential to maybe become the new King Kong. This will be a short blog entry but I will […]

Psoglav, It goes growl in the night

Introduction to the Pgoslav Pgoslav? You may think I made a spelling mistake, but no. This is a nightmarish creature out of Serbian folklore In this article I will cover What is a Psoglav What does the Psoglav look like Where to find them Legends about Psoglav’s Conclusion So get a cup of coffee and […]

Top 10 Greek Goddesses you’ve never heard of

TOP 10 GREEK GODDESSES YOU’VE NEVER HEARD ABOUT My previous blog post was about the top 10 list of Greek Gods you never knew existed, so I thought it is only fair to give the ladies a turn as well. Everyone that knows anything about Greek Mythology knows the main diva’s on Mount Olympus. Hera […]

Top10 list of Greek gods you didn’t know existed

More Greek gods you say We all know the main players in Greek mythology. the Greek gods such as Zeus with his thunderbolts ruler of the earth and sky, Poseidon with his Triton ruler of the sea and Hades with his helmet of invisibility ruler of all things under the earth including the dead reined […]

The Ultimate Guide to Trolls of Myth and Legend

from the movie Troll Hunter We all know the term “Troll” mostly from the major fantasy movie productions like Harry Potter and The Hobbit, not to mention that it is the official unofficial name for a type of internet bully. But what is a Troll exactly, in the traditional sense, where does the myth for […]