Psoglav, It goes growl in the night

Introduction to the Pgoslav

Pgoslav? You may think I made a spelling mistake, but no. This is a nightmarish creature out of Serbian folklore

In this article I will cover

  • What is a Psoglav
  • What does the Psoglav look like
  • Where to find them
  • Legends about Psoglav’s
  • Conclusion

So get a cup of coffee and read on

What is a Psoglav?

You may not have heard of this horror inspiring beast, actually I’m pretty sure most of you haven’t heard of it. Well that is why I’m here to tell you all about the things that goes bump not only in the night, my pleasure.

In all seriousness now, a Psoglav is a demonic mythical creature that existed in Serbian mythology. The Psoglav was known mostly in Bosnia all the way to Macedonia. It was also known in Croatia as the Pgoslavec or Pasjeglavci where there are many legends about it especially along the Istrian Peninsula


What does a Psoglav look like?

The dramatic version

So imagine this, you have been out late, its past midnight and you are walking home along the quiet road no traffic noise. Just you and the crickets maybe an owl hoots in the distance then suddenly you hear horse hooves clopping along the road coming up behind you. You frown; thinking what is a horse doing in the road this time of night so you turn around. A shudder runs down your body as you stand face to face with something that is definitely not a horse. About a head taller than an average man, the head of a dog but with one large yellow eye in the centre of its forehead, eyeing you like it just found dinner. A thick red tongue licks drooling iron teeth in anticipation; it has a body of a human and clawed hands ready to slash its victim (you). Its lower body is that of a horse, hoofed feet that gave the illusion of a horse on the road. It steps closer and you can smell the fetid smell of decaying flesh wafting off it churning your stomach, the last thing you heard as it launch was a ear piercing scream.

You can let me know if you think you survived and how, because I don’t think you did. You see no one has ever faced a Psoglav and lived to tell the tale.

Imagine this Psoglav

Boring short version

  • Head of a dog,
  • One eye, in the centre of its head.
  • Torso of a human
  • Clawed hands
  • Horse lower body
  • Iron teeth
  • Fetid, decaying flesh smell from its graveyard habits

Where to find one?

Psoglav’s are nocturnal and legend has it cannot tolerate the sun. By day it lives in caves, grottoes and old mines, preferably with lots of gemstones still in them. After nightfall they come out to feed. What do they feed on? Well you guessed it half way. Psoglav practises something called anthropophagy, that’s just a nice word for cannibalism of species similar to each other. Since Psoglav was only part human it is still considered a form of cannibalism. Apart from catching unaware night time travellers Psoglav’s actually spent most nights in the grave yard. They mainly dug up graves and devoured corpses.  If you needed another reason to stay away from graveyards at night, here is a very valid one.

Pgoslav by Paolo Grbic on must say one of my favourites

Legends about Psoglav’s

Well there is not that many available on the interwebs and books as the Psoglav is not that popular or well known. But what I did find was:

Some consider Saint Christopher who had a dog head to have been a Psoglav, but he does not really fit the bill for that, he just falls under the category, Cynocephalus – or humanoids with dog/wolf/fox heads.

Another is a Slovenian legend of Psoglav’s that attacked and killed the giant and there castle under the mountain Cerkle, whose daughters fled to Krvavec (which means Blood mountain) and wept tears of blood and that is how the mountain got its name.

Modern day

there is a #Psoglav on twitter you can use for some great pics

Although known in some online gaming circles it still is not popular.

It is a main monster in a book called – Becoming A Tristan Trudaux series


In Conclusion

The Psoglav is just one example of the enormous amount of myths, legends and lore out there. These myths at one time were part of people’s lives. Something they feared or didn’t understand and so it makes up a part of our history and to let it disappear into the dregs of time would be a shame.

So I hope you learned something new today and enjoyed the article

As always please let me know what you thought about it or any suggestions I would love to hear from you.

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