Chapter Excerpt from the Peculiar case of Sarah Average

Suddenly a loud yell from the door of the coffee shop froze everyone. The two girls whipped around. It was the local policeman, Sergeant Goodman. He had heard of the fight and rushed over. Both girls got themselves upright and as respectable as they could under the circumstances, glaring sideways at each other. (Some folks could swear they heard a hissing sound coming from the girls!)

“Settle this elsewhere, or I will arrest both of you for disturbing the peace,” Sergeant Goodman belted at them, “in a civilized manner befitting two young ladies,” he added. Everybody looked back at the two girls and finally Tracey looked at Brian who was still in shock about the whole affair and seemed a little disorientated.

“Well, are you going to sit there with your tongue on the floor or are you going to do something,” she snapped at him, but Brian was still a bit dazed. Everybody was standing there and the atmosphere was very tense. No girl wanted to move in case that would mean they had given in to the other one. After a couple of intense minutes somebody in the crowd shouted, “Have a duel!”

Well, talk about breaking the ice! The crowd roared with satisfaction. Finally Tracey started speaking and everybody quietened down.

“Very well if you want a duel I will choose and I choose a stroll down Murderer´s Lane!” She seemed almost smug as the crowd gasped in shock.

Now let me first tell you about Murderer´s Lane.

Somewhere in the obscure history of this town there was a murderer, a horrible serial killer that decapitated his victims only half way so their head was still attached to their body by only a piece of skin, or so the legend goes. This murderer killed all of his victims in a tiny foot path that connected the town pub with the church, and homes on both sides of the town. They eventually caught the killer after numerous victims had succumbed to his murderous appetite; the exact figure varies from story teller to story teller,  the amount of listeners and of course the amount of alcohol intake of the said story teller, but we can assume it was more than three victims. Well after they caught him, as the story goes, he pleaded insanity on the grounds that he was possessed by