Character Bio’s

Height approximately 5″10″ or 1.78 m chestnut hair and green eyes. As a wolf he is a large grey wolf with a dark grey saddle and he retains his green eyes. Skilled in one to one combat and relying on his own wit and strength to survive 

At the tender age of 15 yrs Tristan’s life was turned upside down as his middle brother was killed at the Bloodmoon trials. Life did not get much better for him when he prematurely changed into a Lycan bringing shame upon his family. Facing enslavement he escaped barely with his life and made it to safety. After successfully completing the Bloodmoon trials Tristan became a loner living on the fringes of society, learning more about the darker side of life then anyone would care to know. with a cynical view on life he still cares enough to want to help tutor Tyler and with the allied forces.


Tall thin with sharp features, greying hair and brown eyes. As a wolf he is a large brown wolf, he retains his brown eyes. He believes only a selected few wolves should control both realms



Uncle of Tyler, Spencer is one of the descendants of one of the oldest Lycan clan families. He is also the only one to turn as Tyler’s father never turned and therefore the views himself as superior. Spencer has an above average intelligence and realised when his brother didnt turn that he might be able to use that power for himself. Spencer is highly respected member of the Lycan clans

Blue eyes and dark brown hair with natural golden highlights, Nicolle is average height with a playful side to her personality but she cares deeply for those she loves. Nicolle is a very skilled witch although she never pulls rank and treats everyone equally. A born empath she feels the emotions and pain of those around her to a much deeper degree than most.

As Julienne’s aunt Nicolle takes her under her apprenticeship and protection. 

Nicolle is born of a long line of witches, unlike her sister she chose to follow in her ancestors footsteps and became a witch. Embracing her latent abilities. She cares deeply but also keeps herself from getting too involved as she has learned that it only ends in emotional pain for her. Guarding her heart closely she could not help getting a soft spot for Tristan and Tyler. She always had a special fondness for her niece Julienne and thus placed many protection spells around her. These spells alerted her to Julienne’s emotional state and she had to investigate which resulted in her being pulled into the new war, fighting for their own survival. 

Apart from being an empath Nicolle is also an adept healer which is the main focus of her coven’s abilities. 

Sixteen year old Tyler is about average height for his age, blue eyes and black hair. Although he is a descendent of one of the oldest Lycan clans he is an independent Lycan under the tutorship of Tristan.

He is a reddish brown wolf with grey intermingled throughout his coat.

Being the illegitimate child of his father Tyler was dismissed as having the correct attributes to become a Lycan and become a part of the Du Bois clan’s dwindling numbers. His Uncle Spencer comes to facilitates his eldest brother’s transformation into Lycan-hood as he is coming of age. Failing to realise it is actually Tyler who had prematurely started the change Spencer tries to kill him to avoid the shame on the family as a result of having an independent. Tyler has to flee to save himself and he realises with the help of Tristan that something more sinister is motivating his uncle’s desire to kill him.

Under Tristan’s tutelage, Tyler learns to become what he was born to be.

Raymond is the eldest son of his father and the next in line to become a Lycan member in the Du Bois clan. He was prepared for this as per custom in the Lycan clans his whole life and at eighteen he is prepared to take the step to become a respected member of the Lycan community.

After failing to become a Lycan, Raymond develops an hatred and resentment towards Tyler, figuring that Tyler stole his Lycan birthright. Raymond helps to try and capture Tyler with the plan to kill him but his plan fails and he fades into obscurity set on exacting revenge on his younger half brother – Tyler 

Also sixteen years old and one of Tyler’s few friends. With blonde hair and hazel eyes Julienne is a very pretty young woman. Although still with the naivety that comes with her age, Julienne has none the less a very strong inherent empath ability and a promising healer like her aunt Nicolle

Unbeknown to her Julienne actually comes from a long line of witches. Her mother hated that part of their family and kept it away from her. Nicolle who realises something is amiss informs Julienne of that part of her heritage and she learns what it means to be a witch.

Julienne has romantic interests towards Tyler and finally confesses being plunged into his world of Lycan’s, betrayal, battles and magic. With the help of Nicolle she becomes a witch and nurtures her latent abilities.

Although greying and in his sixties, Akselon is still muscularly built and sturdy. With grey hair and grey eyes he is one of the heads of the wolf council and in charge of many of the decisions that is made. 

In wolf form he is a large white wolf. 

Akselon is respected member of the Lycan clans and very high up in the wolf council. He is aware of Tristan’s difficult past and always tries to keep and eye out for him.

Realising what Tyler’s fate would be otherwise, he convinces Tristan to tutor the boy and keep him safe, which Tristan reluctantly does. With the coming wars Akselon tries to rally the Lycans but realises their is a deep line of corruption within the clans and the council.