About Me

Welcome weary interweb traveler

Hello friend. I am so happy to meet you, even if it is virtually but since we are acquainted now you may call me Fran. 

Here is a little more about myself. I have a love for words and a little bit of a very overactive imagination, put those two together and you get a writer. In my case a writer with a keen interest in myths, lore, legends, unexplained nature and mostly fantasy. So if you love reading about fantasy, werewolves, strange worlds and epic adventure journeys – well you are at the right place and welcome to my home, we are all friends here.

I was always a very imaginative child, you could literally leave me with a bunch of rocks and I would be as contented to play with them as a pig in mud.

My grandfather instilled in me a love for books and he would often tell me ghost stories, there my interest in the unknown was sparked and although it branched out into mythology and myths, he was still the foundation for this to start. He wanted to write children’s books but those days life was different and he did not have the opportunity to do so, which was a pity; he would have been a great writer. The point is that I think writing is a part of me, in my genes I inherited from my Grandfather just like a second generation singer, actor or any other career. 

I’ve always been a free spirit that is looking for adventure whether around the corner or a journey to an exotic destination, I like to experience it all and would love for you to enjoy the journeys with me

If Gandalf came wandering up to me while I was sitting on a bench relaxing and asked me if I wanted to go on an adventure I would have said – hell yes!

I want to go on a quest with the chosen ones, face perils and monsters to survive and save the world. I want to fight next to the heroes as they battle the vast enemies and face challenges they need to overcome. I want to cry with them when things get to dire to cope with, and I want to laugh with them when they stand at the end victorious. when they face betrayal, battles from within, villains that only have their own interest at heart – I want to be there, I want to join them on their journey!

So i will ask you, do you want to go on an adventure?

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